About Us

100-year-old vines in a new-world wine region

Situated in one of the world’s most exciting wine regions, our McLaren Vale vineyard expands across 32 hectares of exceptional terroir in the north-eastern end of the Willunga basin. 

Boasting some of the area’s oldest vines, Five Geese’s estate-grown shiraz, cabernet sauvignon, mataro and grenache grapes were planted in 1927 and 1965. Our cabernet and nero d’avola varietals are grown from our vines in the eastern end of the valley.

Intense and complex flavours 

Sitting approximately 180 metres above sea level, the Five Geese vines enjoy a slightly higher elevation and cooler climate. The moderating afternoon sea breezes allow our grapes a long, even ripening season. They’re often picked two to three weeks later than other wineries in the district, giving Five Geese wines a more developed, complex and balanced flavour profile. 

As a boutique winemaker, we produce a limited quantity of wine each year, using only the very best grapes from our annual harvest. This ensures all our wines maintain the consistent, premium quality you’ve come to expect from Five Geese, no matter the vintage.

The Five Geese story

Five Geese was founded in 1999 by respected local viticulturalist Sue Trott. The vineyard was established and run on organic principles, with a mission to make a strictly limited amount of top-quality wine produced using natural and sustainable processes.

The intriguing wine label was named for the five wild geese that wandered onto the vineyard one day and never left. The geese became the guardians of the Five Geese vines, keeping the vineyard in check and chasing away any unwanted animals, bugs and snails. 

Year after year, Five Geese continues to produce exceptional quality wine that is designed to be enjoyed and shared with a friend … or five.

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